Hi, I’m Keisha!

“My mom is SO extra…” – My son

Mental health therapist by day, lover of Halloween all year round and believer in themed fun. Thanks for perusing this far into my little slice of the internet…

My day job gives me the honor to work with the men and women who serve our country. I even married one (hi, honey)! We have a handsome son together and I have a beautiful teenage bonus daughter. We have lived in Texas, Japan, California… and everywhere we go, I’ve taken my no-longer-secret love affair with being extra with me.

There’s nothing more central to who I am than being extra.

I love the brainstorming of fun activities and the excitement of tying it all together to make something memorable.  Don’t be mistaken: this is not a professional party planning blog and I am no professional. This is a blog for us regular humans who just want to have a good time and take some great photos; those of us with an inner hostess-with-the-mostest; those of us who our friends and family frequently refer to as ‘extra’, but we love it and can’t live any other way.

I’m happy you’re here to join the journey and witness the fun. 


Want to share your theme?

Finding other Extra Mom’s is like seeing an old high school best friend. Who else can understand the excitement, anxiousness and far off gaze of being extra? If you planned a themed party, playdate, family/friends night and want to share, I’d love to spotlight you!

Contact me and let’s get started!